Creepy card games!

Zombeasts, Nox, Voodoo Mania: Discover our creepy-funny card game series! Easy to play, funny and exciting!

Down to the bone! Every evening, Alphonse, Ramon and Jack argue with each other on the most cunning trickster of the bunch. Who will rain on the other‘s parade and score the most points?

Voodoo Mania
Get ready for the big voodoo competition in the card game "Voodoo Mania" of HUCH ! & Friends! Masks, potions, feather jewelry: For your voodoo spells you need many ingredients, fast fingers and a clear head. You have to combine well, react quickly and always keep track of your cards. Two to six players from seven years up try to get rid of all of their ingredient-cards into the Voodoo boiler. Who will be the first to use up all his ingredients, and thus become the new voodoo master?

New: Zombeasts ( available from May 2014)
Full moon is when all the Zombeasts come out to play! In the fast card game of HUCH ! & Friends each player gets three cards at the beginning. On the cards (in four different colors) you can see a quarter of the moon and one of the Zombeasts: dog, cat , rat or rabbit. The aim is to build throughout the game as many full moons as possible. Who collects the most valuable little creatures and becomes the Zombeast master?