It’s all about the ego: the players’ ego, opinions, preferences and interests. Whoever can accurately assess the others gets points. But sometimes it’s the easiest questions that offer the
biggest surprises and material for discussions. ego² is easy to play, communicative, and for everyone!

  • New version of the party favourite with 480 new questions
  • In a compact-size box
  • Minimal start-up time
  • Communicative. Ideal for getting to know people



There’s more to this ball than meets the eye! In Cosmo, all coloured balls have to be pushed into the right hole. But there is only ever one open hole at a time. Back and forth, here and there ... once you pick it up, you’ll never put it down!

  • Unique game idea
  • Easy to grasp
  • Challenging puzzle, fun to pass the time


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The objective in Katarenga is to get two of your figures past the opposing baseline. That sounds easy! But your opponent is flexible and dangerous. The abilities of the playing figures change from one move to the next. Only if you realize the advantages of the division of four possible actions, make clever use of the different strengths and plan ahead you can outsmart your opponent through tactical play and thus win the game.



You must displace only one piece in order to fulfill the tasks on the cards. Who will be the first to find this particular piece? Far-sighted planning and construction are important prerequisites for well conceived actions, as is logical and abstract reasoning and the ability to solve arithmetical problems.


  • Winner of the 2009 Parents‘ Choice Silver Award
  • With three unique variations of play
  • Box and rules in German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish


Tornado Ellie

Sometimes, even the biggest cows fly up high …
… but not always by choice. In this card and stacking game, players try to keep their hoofs on the ground on their own farm, while they cow the others. The best player to make the neighbors' things soar into the air will experience a gust of win.

Gum Gum Machine

Clatter, crank, click, pling! The cogwheels are turning and the gum-gum Machine really gets going! Who will manage to produce the best Gum-Gums? Only if you keep the right levers and switches in mind and always find the appropriate ingredients can you win this game!

  • Family game with innovative "Machine" mechanism
  • High-quality content and unusual topic
  • Box and rules in German, English, French, Dutch

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Ausgerechnet Honolulu

Honolulu! Do you mean to say that you know where Honolulu is? Honolulu, of all places! Surely it is located west of Vancouver, isn't it? But is it also located north of Mexico City? Certainly Honolulu is located farther north than Buenos Aires!

Cobra Twist

This snake has it all! In Cobra Twist you have to build a three-dimensional snake with the four colored cubes. The 40 tasks in four difficulty levels dictate how it should look. While that does not seem to be too difficult, the challenge will constantly grow as information given on colors and positions of the cubes decrease. Can you snake it?

  •  Promotes spatial ability
  •  Trains the power of deduction


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