About us

The Philosophy

Hutter Trade does not only distribute the whole programm of some publishers, but also provides an exklusive range of single games, that complement our partners' programmes ideally.  

A strong trading partner 
Hutter Trade has been established in 2004 in order to provide retailers a capable partner to purchase many interesting and strong brands. We deliver appealing products from one source. 

It is not only a high quality standard that is important to us, but also a high class service: Our emphasis is on customer-oriented services. 
That way we create a firm basis for the distribution of strong, creative and innovative brands. All products of Hutter Trade distinguish themselves by a high gaming value, loving illustrations and an ambitious design. 

New and further develpments from our partners' existing programmes offer premium games and toys. According to the philosophy, that fun and ambition are of particular importance. 

Your direct connection to our export department:
Call us: +49 (0)8221/3696-42