Welcome to the country of the Dancing Towers!

Are you daring, adventurous and looking for true love? Then off to Touria! If you prove yourself during the search for gems, the fight against the dragon and the magical tournament, you'll have a good chance for the hand of Princess Tara or Prince Talan.

The Dancing Towers show you the way; they are a central element in the family-friendly adventure game "Touria" from HUCH! & friends.

Each player carries out one Tower action per round. What actions are available is shown on the four towers placed on the four corners of the gameboard. However, you can choose only from the Tower actions pointing in your direction. After you have carried out the action, rotate the tower 90 degrees, thus changing the actions available to the next adventurer.

Every round, the players move cross-country through Touria, collecting gems and seeking help from different residents of the country in order to fulfill the winning conditions required as quickly as possible.

The first player to collect seven hearts (as a proof of love) and seven gold coins (as a dowry) returns to the castle, provided he has no black (cursed!) gem with him. But of course, it takes more than that to win the heart of a king's child. In the end, a little search game awaits the love-struck hero. Once arrived at the castle, you now have to find the right door – after all, your great love is waiting behind only one of the nine doors.

For those who like it more prosaic, the game provides also an alternative end, "Sudden Marriage," which does without the door-opening element. As soon as one adventurer enters the castle with the completed wish list (hearts and gold coins), the game is over.

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