Spiel erfunden – was nun?

You've invented a game – now what?

Here, we give you a short overview of what you, as a game designer, should consider if you want to present us your idea.
Before submitting your game idea to us, please familiarize yourself with our current product line. If you get the sense that your game might fit Huch! & friends, write us, preferably by email (info@huchandfriends.de; subject: "game idea"), or by ordinary mail. Our address is:

Hutter Trade GmbH + Co KG
HUCH! & friends
Bgm.-Landmann-Platz 1-5
D-89312 Günzburg

In order to get a comprehensive idea of your game and be able to assess whether it actually fits our product line, we need the following information from you:

  • A general description of your game idea and the reasons why you think it fits our product line, along with a few key points about what makes your ideas special.
  • The complete game instructions, ideally with some photos of the game materials. (Please pay attention to writing clear and comprehensive rules.)

Don't worry – the design of the instructions and of the game materials won't have any influence on our evaluation. What's important to us is the fundamental idea, i.e., how well the game mechanisms work.

If you want to offer your game idea to several publishers at the same time, feel free to do so, but please mention this in your letter. In addition, we ask that you give us some notification if another publisher evinces serious interest in the game or wants to enter into a contract with you and therefore the game idea will no longer be available to us.

Normally, you'll receive a short confirmation from us upon receipt of your email or letter, stating that your game idea has arrived. Then you just have to wait and see. Since it often happens that we get a great number of submissions, it might take a few weeks before your game idea can be examined and preliminarily evaluated. But if you haven't heard from us after approximately one month, just check with us. The handling times vary with the season, by the way. In fall/winter, there are usually more game ideas arriving at our company than in summer, so our response time might be somewhat slower.

If your idea attracts our interest upon first inspection, we will, as the next step, ask you to send us a complete, fully playable prototype. Please ship your prototype to the company address shown above, and affix "Editorial Office" to it. Write your contact information in the instructions as well as on the game box; especially important is your email address and a telephone number. Again, we will immediately confirm the arrival of your prototype upon receipt.

After that, you need to be patient again; it can take a few weeks or even months until the game has been extensively tested with different playtest groups. If the game gets a positive evaluation from the test players, it eventually undergoes its final assessment at our planning meeting. If your game clears this last hurdle as well, we will send you a company contract. From this moment on, it can take a few months or – depending on our product line planning – in most cases, one to two years before the game will finally be released.

ATTENTION: When we realize a game idea, we reserve the right to substantially change the theme, title, graphics and illustrations as compared with your prototype. Alterations and modifications of the mechanisms are possible, too, but are always done only in consultation with the author.


Additional advice:

  • Please don't send unsolicited prototypes.
  • Concentrate on the ideas that you think will fit in best with us. Therefore, don't submit more than two ideas at the same time.
  • The following kinds of games are generally not of interest to us: role-playing games, collectible card games, sports games, war games, and games of a strong violent, sexual or religious nature.