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Humboldt´s Great Voyage

Item number: 880 215

EAN: 4 260071 880215

Author: Remo Conzadori, Nestore Mangona

Illustrator: Dennis Lohausen, HUCH!

In the 19th century, Alexander von Humboldt was considered the second Columbus. His first great discovery journey to and across America led him from the Amazon jungle all the way to the White House. The knowledge he gained not only opened up a new way of viewing nature and its relationships but also made Humboldt the most famous man of his time besides Napoleon. But the measuring of the world goes on: As venturous young scientists, players follow Humbold´t legendary expedition route all across the American continent. Using the "Mancala" principle, they travel in stages from one location to the next, collect the objects they find, and ship them to selected personalities all over the world in order to make the findings they obtained available as quickly as possible to a public hungry for knowledge. Who will succeed in making a name for himself among the renowned scientists of the 19th century and be admitted as an associate member of the Academy of Sciences?


  • Well-known Mancala mechanism innovatively staged
  • On the trails of famous explorer Alexander von Humboldt


2-4 players

10-99 years

30-45 minutes

295 x 295 x 70 mm










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