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Yummy Monsters

Item number: 880789

EAN: 4 260071 880789

Author: Jan Meyberg, Michael Kallauch

Illustrator: Tony Tzanoukakis

Expected release date: Spring 2020

YUMMY MONSTERS is the first and only restaurant for monsters. Here, the waiters try to satisfy all the food preferences of their discerning monster guests. Often this means that the dishes have to be served in unusual ways! Who will be the first waiter to serve all courses perfectly by tossing the delicacies into his guests' big mouths. You need to aim well and be very adept with your monstrous monster hands... Otherwise, YOU might get served in the end!


  • An action-packed monsters-feeding tossing game
  • Provides various difficulty levels.



2-4 players

6-99 years

10-20 minutes

270 x 270 x 85 mm









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